Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Welcome to Din Din check. I'm a stay at home mom and I realized how hard it is to figure out what to cook for dinner, so I spend lots of time looking at others blogs. I always wonder " what did you eat for dinner?"
Today I attempted to make a meal I found on another persons blog. The recipe I attempted to make was on Http:// and was the rigatoni
bake. Well I attempted this and mine wouldn't stand up and was a complete mess! At least it tasted good:) So what did you have for dinner? Or lunch? or brunch? or the meal you eat because you were bored during the day....Am I the only one who does this??:) Please share what you ate..or plan to eat. heck...even include a picture if you desire...:) And if you me, post a picture ...even if it wasn't edible..we can at least laugh about it right??:)

Here is my dinner attempt..

- Not so yummy looking...

- I added some 3 bean salad, but the husband and 20 month old wouldn't touch it. In case you were wondering..I learned terriers don't eat 3 bean salad either. There goes my toddler droppings vacume cleaner. :)

Megan with your Din Din Check of the day!